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Friday FAIL: Where Detailers Wreck Your Ferrari

Ferrari 458 Detailer Before

Yup, that’ll buff right out.

Owning a sports car or a super car is something to be proud of. Owners often take care of them, wash them, perform preventative maintenance on them, and keep them pristine, more so than a “normal” car. Every once in a while it’s always a good idea to get it detailed to keep it looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. One Ferrari 458 Italia owner in the UK left his car to get detailed by a mobile detailer, but it wasn’t that clean when they got it back.

According to Nancy Atkinson Turner, one of her ex-valeters (aka car detailer) had a Ferrari 458 Italia and totaled it while it was being cleaned. Apparently, Turner believes that the valeter had turned off traction control and due to the wet road, caused the Ferrari to spin-out and crash.

Ferrari 458 Italia After

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a total loss, and because he’s a detailer we can say “that’ll buff right out.” Common sense dictates that you would not think to drive any customer’s car unless you’re moving it in the wash. There is no reason to take the car out for a joyride! Big FAIL on you, Mr. Valeter. Good luck getting business after this accident.

Ferrari 458 Italia Detail After

[Source: Jalopnik, Nancy AtkinsonTurner Twitter]

What would you do if your Ferrari 458 Italia was totaled while getting detailed? 


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