Get Ready for some Amazing Audio of the Ferrari XX Programmes!

Ferrari FXX Programmes Binaural Audio

Time for some Binaural audio!

Feast your eyes (and especially ears) on this beautiful video capturing the experience of the Ferrari FXX Programmes at Imola. This isn’t your average video of exotic track-only Ferraris either; it’s a binaural recording that gives you a true trackside feel as these engines roar past.

Ferrari FXX Programmes Binaural Audio

YouTube videographer, 19Bozzy92, was able to capture binaural audio at the Imola Circuit when the Ferrari FXX Programmes were running. Basically, binaural audio takes stereo recordings one step further by capturing audio the way human ears perceive sound. This type of recording gives a more authentic auditory experience that is more apparent during fly-bys or passes. It’s also best to listen to the video with a pair of headphones to hear the difference between binaural and stereo.

So, plug those headphones in, sit back, and enjoy 12 minutes of eargasms.

Source: 19Bozzy92 YouTube

Don’t you love listening to the Ferrari FXX Programmes speed around Imola in binaural audio?


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