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Get Ready for Halloween with the Drive-Thru Skeleton Prank!


A spooky good time.

We’ve seen all kinds of pranks at the drive-thru that usually end up with someone wearing some kind of liquid and having a bad day. This one is better (we promise) and involves laughs from everyone.

Halloween is right around the corner and soon kids (and some adults) wearing costumes will be knocking at your door asking for candy. To celebrate the spooky time of year, Magic of Rahat, the Magician Prankster decided to have a bit of fun.

The magician modified his car so that he sat behind the driver’s seat and controlled the car, hidden from view, while a skeleton sat behind the wheel. After ordering food, the pair would drive up to the pick-up window and scare the workers inside. Pretty much everyone had a good laugh after getting scared while seeing the bony driver pull up.

It was all in good fun and didn’t involve any fire-in-the-holes, so we’re all for the prank.

Source: Magic Of Rahat YouTube Channel

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