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Get ready to Roar with the Arden AJ 24 Jaguar XE

Arden AJ 24 Jaguar XE

Take on the Germans with this cat.

The Jaguar XE might be one of the newest cats in the pack for the British automaker, but it’s quite noticeable on the roads. The experts at Arden Automobilbau have 35 years of experience with working on Jaguars and are putting that to use on their new Arden AJ 24.

Arden AJ 24 Jaguar XE

Based on the Jaguar XE, the new Arden AJ 24 takes this 3-Series competitor to the next level of performance and style. Shown here in Black with bright yellow accents, the Jaguar XE has been fitted with 19 x 8.0J Arden Sportline Black Edition wheels with 225/40 ZR19 tires. Adding to the more athletic stance is a fresh set of Arden Sport springs that cut the ride height by 30 mm and improve handling dynamics. As an option, Arden will also install wheel spacers for a wider track. For customers that want that classic Jaguar feel, Arden is now offering the iconic leaping cat figure on the hood of the sport sedan.

Arden AJ 24 Jaguar XE

The new Arden AJ 24 also gets a generous boost in power for both gasoline and diesel engines. The supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine gains a software upgrade that results in a total output of 422 horsepower and 423 lb-ft. of torque. That also comes with an Arden sports exhaust that includes a free-flow muffler and dual 100 mm tailpipes. For diesel owners that want a better sound to go with their power upgrade, Arden offers an Active Soundsystem that uses speakers to play exhaust notes from five selectable sound profiles.

Arden AJ 24 Jaguar XE

Inside, the Arden AJ 24 can be outfitted with a range of bespoke upholstery options and upgrades. The featured show vehicle was given customized finishing along with a color-coded black leather and alcantara sports steering wheel with 12-o’clock marker. A new aluminum pedal set offers more grip while plus floor mats with the Arden logo add that extra bit of custom opulence.

Arden AJ 24 Jaguar XE

Arden can also custom-tailor the interior to any individual requests using Nappa leather, alcantara, carbon fiber, and various woods.

The new Arden AJ 24 based on the Jaguar XE is currently available.

Arden AJ 25 Jaguar XE Specifications

Displacement: 3.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-6
Aspiration: Supercharged
Maximum Horsepower: 422
Maximum Torque: 423 lb-ft. / 573 Nm

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:

Wheels: Arden Sportline Black Edition
Wheel Size: 19 x 8.0J
Tire Size: 225/40 ZR19
Suspension: Arden Sport spring kit; 30 mm lower
Optional: Wheel spacers

-Leaping Jaguar hood figure

-Bespoke upholstery
-Alcantara sport steering wheel with 12-o’clock marker
-Plush floor mats with Arden logo
-Aluminum pedal set

Arden AJ 24 Jaguar XE Gallery

Source: Arden Automobilbau

Do you like the new look and power of the Arden AJ 24 based on the Jaguar XE?


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