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Watch this 2013 Power Wheels Barbie Mustang Fly off a Dyno!

2013 Power Wheels Barbie Mustang Dyno

Too much power!

We’ve seen lots of dyno videos featuring some insanely high-output vehicles that are absolutely out-of-this-world. We’ve also seen quite a few videos of accidents on the dyno where vehicles lose control and drive off. But this is one dyno video that has it all.

Here, we have a 2013 Power Wheels Barbie Mustang. This bright Pink, floral-patterned electric sports car for children was strapped in at DBR High Performance in Tennessee to see just what kind of performance these kids are working with these days.

2013 Power Wheels Barbie Mustang Dyno

After strapping in this Pink muscle car in, turning on the cooling fan, and removing the power limiter, it was time for a run.

The results were incredible and easily set records for this shop. A whopping 0.25 horsepower max was recorded, and proved to be too much for the dyno to handle, as the Barbie Mustang flew off. Thankfully, the car quickly came to a stop and didn’t cause any damage or injuries in the shop.

Just wait until this thing lines up at the drag strip.

Source: DBR High Performance YouTube

What kind of power figures were you expecting from this 2013 Power Wheels Barbie Mustang?


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