Go for a Ride with the Ferrari F40 LM at Suzuka!

Ferrari F40 LM at Suzuka Circuit

Taking the classic for a spin!

The race-oriented Ferrari F40 LM is truly something special. The car that was already serving up blistering performance was taken to the next level by those crazy Ferrari engineers. The on-track performance of the twin-turbocharged monster from Maranello was truly amazing and is still something to behold to this day.

Ferrari F40 LM at Suzuka Circuit

The team at Bingosports on YouTube strapped a camera to the rear of one lucky Ferrari F40 LM for a very spirited drive around the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. The force-fed V-8 roars as the turbochargers spool up on the winding track, making a song that we can all hum along with.

‘Tis a thing of beauty.

Source: Bingosports YouTube

How badly do you want to drive a Ferrari F40 LM at Suzuka Circuit?


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