Go Sideways in the Ferrari 488 GTB with Pennzoil

Pennzoil Joyride Circuit Ferrari 488 GTB

‘Joyride Circuit’

The new twin-turbocharged Ferrari 488 GTB is one hell of a machine that’s capable of putting a smile on any driver’s face. It’s a definitive super car and its 661-horsepower, twin-turbo V-8 can easily back up that claim.

Pennzoil Joyride Circuit Ferrari 488 GTB

Pennzoil took the high-performance Ferrari 488 GTB out for some sideways fun in their newest film, ‘Joyride Circuit’. The film showcases the Ferrari 488 GTB doing what it does best – going fast and shredding rubber as its high-revving V-8 screams.

As an added treat, Pennzoil has added quite a few hidden gems throughout pointing to their brand’s history such as the ‘1889’ code for the keypad, the year that the company’s billion-barrel oil field was discovered in Bradford, PA.

Sit back and enjoy the exotic fun!

Source: Pennzoil

Would you like to drive a Ferrari 488 GTB like this in the latest Pennzoil film?


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