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Guy Buys a Lemon Jeep, Makes Hit Music Video

Jeep Lemon Music Video

Buy lemon, make video, ????, profit!

Unfortunately, there are new vehicles out there that have so many issues that they become lemons. Thankfully, there are laws to protect the consumer, but many times it ends up being a long, painful battle to get any kind of refund or compensation.

Jeep Lemon Music Video

So, instead of waiting around and putting up with the trouble from the automaker and dealerships, this guy went ahead and took things into his own hands by making a music video.

The catchy tune details how he bought a Jeep and the frustrating process that he has gone through in an attempt to rectify the problems and rid himself of the lemon.

Hopefully, the situation gets resolved. If not, we expect a remix!

Source: Teg Sethi YouTube

Is this ‘I Made A Mistake I Bought A Lemon Jeep’ song the perfect way to expose a Lemon?


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