Guy Films his Lamborghini Mustang Ferrari Thing POV-Style

Ferrari F430 Reactions

Reactions and other happenings with an F430.

Driving a super car every day is something that only a lucky few people get to experience. These rare vehicles are usually the source of a great deal of attention from enthusiasts and regular folks alike. After driving around his Ferrari F430 on a daily basis and getting a wide range of reactions, this guy decided to film it all for our enjoyment.

Ferrari F430 Reactions

And for that, we thank him.

The driver gets all kinds of reactions from pedestrians and other drivers ranging from the “Is that a Lambo?” to the “That’s a sweet Mustang!” While some of the other stupidity he’s filmed behind the wheel is just a normal, everyday occurrence for drivers like the wrong way down the one-way street, it’s still entertaining nevertheless.

Let’s just hope he keeps a camera rolling in his sweet Lambo Mustang.

Source: the.leviathan YouTube

What is your favorite reaction to this guy driving a Ferrari F430?


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