The Hamilton Scotts “Sky Garage” en suite Car Elevator


The definition of exclusive parking.

You’re a wealthy car enthusiast that lives in a city and has quite the collection of super cars. You don’t want to risk damage to your cars in your building’s underground private parking garage and also want to be able to show off your collection to others. So, what are you to do? Move to The Hamilton Scotts!

The new Hamilton Scotts high-rise offers residents a new and super-exclusive parking solution that doesn’t hide your car collection in an underground parking garage. Instead, they give residents access to an advanced “Sky Garage” en suite car elevator that scans your thumb and brings the car right to their penthouse, behind a glass wall for display.

Currently, The Hamilton Scotts website has 54 three-bedroom 3.5-baths that are rumored to be available for $7.5 million and two super luxury penthouses with four-car parking for $24 million.

The Hamilton Scotts “Sky Garage” Car Elevator Video


[Source: TheAUSSIGO YouTube Channel and CarScoop]

What do you think of having a four-car “Sky Garage” elevator for your cars? Leave a comment and let us know!


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