What happens when you replace Engine Oil with Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola Car Engine

A very predictable result that’s fun to watch!

We’ve all wondered what would happen if you replaced your engine oil with coke. No, not the kind that goes up your nose (that would probably have the same effect as a shot of nitrous), but the brown, caffeinated Coca-Cola soda that’s consumed all over the world.

Coca-Cola Car Engine

The guys at ‘Beyond the Press’ – a sister channel to the popular ‘Hydraulic Press Channel’ on YouTube, decided to give it a go with a junker Ford Fiesta, because why not, right?! So, the duo drained the oil completely and filled up the motor with Coca-Cola.

After they filled things up, they started the engine, which surprisingly ran for longer than we expected. The car ran, but made some very bad sounds and required a great deal of throttle to keep running. After almost a minute, the engine just died and wouldn’t start again.

At least it died doing something crazy instead of sitting in a junkyard.

Source: Beyond the press Youtube

What else other than Coca-Cola would you like to replace engine oil with in a POS junker car?


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