Here’s a BEAST of an Audi Quattro Going Nuts

Audi Quattro SWB Hillclimb

Fire-spitting turbocharged fun.

We all love some old-school, force-fed turbo-five fun with the Audi Quattro. This short wheelbase monster driven by Jeffry Sol packs 1,005 horsepower and loves to open up the gates of hell.

Audi Quattro SWB Hillclimb

At the 2014 Prescott Hillclimb Retro Rides Gathering, Sol piloted his flame-spitting demon through the winding roads and made all sorts of turbo-fluttering roars from his all-wheel drive beast to the amazement of onlookers.

Source: Hillclimb Monsters YouTube

Would you be able to handle driving this 1,005-HP Audi Quattro?


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