Here’s a Bunch of Lamborghinis making Beautiful Noises!

Bulls on Parade

V-10 and V-12 melodies.

Lamborghinis make some great noises whether they have 10- or 12-cylidners, and are new or old. Those lovely sounds from across the Italian automaker’s history were on display at the Northern California Lamborghini Club America drive event.

Bulls on Parade

With stars such as the new 2018 Huracan Performante, Aventador SV Roadster, Miura S, and more, the cruise turned out to be pretty exciting, even if you weren’t behind the wheel of a bull.

Of course, there had to be that one Ferrari driver who came along and tried to upstage the entire Lamborghini crew by revving their V-12 engine during the trip.

Source: BrianZuk YouTube

Which one of these Lamborghinis do you think sounded the best on this cruise?


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