Here’s Eight Minutes of Ferrari Insanity at Goodwood

Ferrari at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

An intoxicating exotic showcase of power.

There are many reasons why the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed is arguably one of the greatest automotive shows in the world. This footage of Ferraris revving, burning out, doing donuts, and just hooning at the yearly event is just another example.

Ferrari at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

From the Ferrari FXX K to the new road-going 488 GTB and everything in between, Ferrari was on hand to showcase their dedication to speed, power, performance, and racing with their array of models. And they didn’t just putter around for everyone to look at; they blasted the throttle, shredded tires, and filled the air with utterly intoxicating high-revving exhaust notes.

It was just glorious.

Source: TheTFJJ YouTube

What was your favorite Ferrari at the Goodwood Festival of Speed?


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