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How Do You Compliment An Already Impressive Ferrrari 458 Pininfarina Masterpiece?

With an equally impressive pair of shoes!

When Pininfarina designed the 458, the exterior styling was designed for aerodynamic efficiency. However, the concept behind the PUR 5IVE was a symbolic modern homage to the architectural spire that represents valor and strength. The PUR 5IVE is a monoblock forged split three spoke design with elegant champher cuts along the edge of the spokes.

Originally the three spoke design made a big impact in the mid 90’s and since then not many wheel brands have been courageous enough to attempt to bring it back, and those who have tried didn’t make much impact. In the case of PUR, the 5IVE design was very well accepted among the exotic car community and already in much demand.

The team at PUR has been drafting the three spoke concept idea since the inception of the brand and have been waiting for the right time and opportunity to bring it to life. The perfect opportunity presented itself when SR Auto Group collaborated on a Ferrari 458 for the venture, which soon after became Project Kiluminati.

In order to maintain the elegant yet aggressive form factor, SR Auto Group went with a 21×9 in the front paired with 255/30-21 rubber and staggered the rear with an impressive 22×12 wrapped in 315/25-22 Pirelli Pzero tires. The wheel finish is a high gloss Modern Black which contrasts very well with the stock color of the 458.

What do you think of the Project Kiluminati?


Fitment Credit > PUR Wheels | SR Auto Group


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