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The Infiniti QX70 Gets Wide with the AHG-Sports LR3 Package

AHG-Sports LR3 Infiniti QX70

Big and bold.

The Infiniti QX70 strikes a perfect balance between SUV and car thanks to its size, storage capacity, and driving dynamics. A big 5.0-liter V-8 engine and lower center of gravity doesn’t hurt either. AHG-Sports has taken that a step further with their new LR3 widebody kit and a host of upgrades that instantly injects sport and confidence into the crossover SUV.

AHG-Sports LR3 Infiniti QX70

The new athletic and dynamic look of the Infiniti QX70 is attributed to the new LR3 widebody kit that was created through a cooperation between AHG-Sports and LARTE Design.

The new LR3 widebody kit adds a touch of aggression starting with the larger front bumper with wide air center intake and integrated LED daytime running lights. The bumper smoothly flows into the extended front fenders that create some visual muscle. Side skirts create the impression of a lowered stance and connect to the extended rear fenders. A new rear bumper includes integrated vents, exhaust embellishers, and a rear F1-style fog light setup. The finishing touch come in the form of a roof spoiler for a boost in downforce and stability. All of the components including painting, assembly, and registration will set you back 16,900 Euros.

AHG-Sports LR3 Infiniti QX70

But there was more fun in store for the Infiniti QX70 from AHG-Sports. The stance of the crossover SUV was improved upon even further with the addition of a new suspension setup that lowers the overall ride height by 25 mm for a better center of gravity. A new set of AHG-Sports wheels measuring 22 inches in diameter with 285/35 R22 tires and optional 25 mm spacers to fill in the extended fenders and complete the fitment.

In terms of power, the AHG-Sports Infiniti QX70 has a heart that matches its looks. The 5.0-liter, naturally-aspirated V-8 engine and its factory 390 horsepower output gets a boost up to 420 ponies with the “performance increase” upgrade and cat-back sports exhaust system with valve flaps. A red-painted engine cover hints at the power boost with the hood popped open.

AHG-Sports LR3 Infiniti QX70

AHG-Sports also offers other options such as roof rails, door handles, and radiator grille in gloss black for 1,150 Euros, gloss black coated chrome strips for 800 Euros, and painted grille for 600 Euros.

Customers can order the complete AHG-Sports LR3 Widebody Infiniti QX70 for 101,500 Euros. The entire list of upgrades and modifications are also available for the Infiniti QX70 as separate parts as well.

AHG-Sports LR3 Widebody Infiniti QX70 Specifications

Displacement: 5.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Maximum Horsepower: 420 / 309 kW
-“Performance Increase”
-Cat-back sports exhaust system with valve flaps

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: AHG-Sports wheel set
Wheel Size: 22-inches in diameter
Tire Size: 285/35 R22
Spacers: 25 mm
Suspension: 25 mm lower

-Front bumper with LED daytime running lights
-Side skirts
-Extended fenders
-Rear bumper with F1-fog light
-Modified exhaust embellishers
-Roof spoiler
-Painted roof rails, door handles, radiator grille
-Painted radiator grille
-Shine-black coated chrome strips

AHG-Sports LR3 Widebody Infiniti QX70 Gallery

Source: AHG-Sports

Is the AHG-Sports LR3 Widebody Infiniti QX70 the perfect sporty crossover SUV?


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