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AHG-Sports Gets Beefy with the Infiniti QX70

AHG-Sports Infiniti QX70

The Euro connection.

Since 1977, the Guenther car dealership in Hamburg, Germany has been selling Nissan vehicles and their expertise is second-to-none in Europe when it comes to the Japanese automaker. In 2009, they took the next step with the Nissan and Infiniti brands by creating AHG-Sports – a tuning branch just for the Japanese automaker. While numerous models have gotten the AHG-Sports treatment, the newest is bold and turns up the torque.

AHG-Sports Infiniti QX70

The AHG-Sports Infiniti QX70 is quite the beefed up turbodiesel thanks to its new LR2 body kit. Here, the front fascia gains a new bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights that curve and flare outwards to widen the lower portion of the body. New side skirts and wheel mouldings wear matching colors and visually add some athleticism to each side of the QX70 while a new rear bumper integrates air vents and the new exhaust system to make a sportier statement.

But the visual upgrades don’t end there. AHG-Sports will also give the Infiniti QX70 all sorts of individual upgrades to set the SUV apart from the crowd even further. New red brake calipers bearing “Infiniti” lettering match the red-painted engine cover. Matte black roof rails and radiator grille adds to a more powerful presence along with all the chrome trims wrapped in matte black.

AHG-Sports Infiniti QX70

In terms of performance, the Infiniti QX70 also gains a few extra goodies. Here, AHG-Sports can add on a new suspension setup that lowers the overall ride height by 25 mm to create the perfect stance for the new CLR22 DB703 wheels with 285/35 R22 tires. An extra set of 15 mm spacers allows the wheels sit to flush with the beefed up wheel arches. The 3.0-liter, turbodiesel V-6 engine benefits from a new tune that bumps it up to 281 horsepower and a meaty 452 lb-ft. of torque while a sports exhaust system emits a more powerful note.

The new AHG-Sports Infiniti QX70 is currently available as a complete car for 89,900 Euros. Parts, including the body kit, can be ordered individually and installed as well.

AHG-Sports Infiniti QX70 Specifications

Displacement: 3.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-6
Aspiration: Turbodiesel
Maximum Horsepower: 281
Maximum Torque: 452 lb-ft. / 613 Nm
-Engine tune
-Sport exhaust system

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: CLR22 DB703
Tires: 285/35 R22
Suspension: Lowered 25 mm
Spacers: 15 mm

-LR2 body kit
-Front bumper with LED daytime running lights
-Side skirts
-Wheel mouldings
-Rear bumper
-New tailpipes
-Matte black wrapped chrome trims
-Brake calipers in red with Infiniti lettering
-Red engine cover
-Matte black roof rails
-Matte black radiator grille

AHG-Sports Infiniti QX70 Gallery

Source: AHG-Sports

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