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Friday FAIL: Driving Through a Car Wash is Hard for Some

Friday Fail Car Wash Crash

Which pedal does what again?

Driving isn’t for everybody. Add me to the list of people that believe in continuous testing for driver’s licenses as people age because it would help to cut down on accidents like this.

At the Quick Quack Car Wash in Sacramento, CA, one driver forgot which pedal did what in his Oldsmobile while trying to get it washed. Instead of the brake, the elderly man hit the throttle and went flying into the car wash, hit a bunch of equipment, and crashed into the vacuum area outside. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in this crazy accident that could’ve been a whole lot worse. The driver caused about $60,000 – $100,000 worth of damages to the car wash, according to News 10.

Here’s what the car was said of the incident:

”Fortunately no one was seriously injured when a customer stepped on the gas instead of the brake and flew through the car wash at high speed. Notice the other customer leaving the vacuum area just seconds before this one crashes. We are proud of our staff for their professionalism and amazing responses. We were back up and running in just a couple of days!”

If you don’t know the difference between pedals or know someone who doesn’t, then please, don’t let them get behind the wheel.

Source: Quick Quack Car Wash, News 10

How scared would you have been as a worker of this car wash during this accident?


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