James DeWulf creates a Concrete Pool Table

James DeWulf Concrete Pool Table

Billiards with a modern twist.

James DeWulf has a special talent for creating modern, avant-garde functional concrete artwork for a range of purposes. His work has been used in a number of nightclubs and boutique hotels for commercial clients as well as by architects in California and New York City. One of his latest pieces of concrete artwork is a pool table for both indoors and outdoors.

James DeWulf Concrete Pool Table

The new pool table features a clean, contemporary design and utilizes advanced concrete technology for a superb build quality. Flat, smooth surfaces with sharp, right angles dominate the design and contribute to a visually calming aesthetic.

James DeWulf Concrete Pool Table

The pool table measures 102” x 52” x 32” and wears a light grey concrete color and black felt playing surface along with rusted steel for a unique visual design. Both indoor and outdoor models are available from DeWulf Concrete with pricing ranging from $16,000 to $18,000.

[Source: James DeWulf]

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