Jerry Seinfeld’s Quest for Acura NSX No. 1 – Video


Super Bowl super car.

The Super Bowl is not only the championship for the National Football league, but also for advertisers. The game is broadcast around the world and viewed by tens of millions of people, with 30-second advertising spots fetching over $3 million.

A large percentage of the viewers watch the Super Bowl just to see the commercials as companies unveil funny, touching, and unique ads. After Honda unveiled the new Acura NSX Concept, they were ready to show it to the world in their new Super Bowl commercial.

The original commercial stars comedian and car enthusiast, Jerry Seinfeld, as he tries to purchase the first Acura NSX. The only problem with Jerry Seinfeld and his Acura NSX is that it isn’t chassis No.1. That went to another customer. Throughout their commercial and extended videos, Jerry Seinfeld tries to convince the recipient of the first Acura NSX to swap cars with him so that he can have it for his personal collection. Jerry goes through great lengths to get the car, only to lose out to fellow car enthusiast, Jay Leno.

Keep your eye out for the ad during the Super Bowl!

Jerry Seinfeld Super Bowl Acura NSX Commercials



[Source: Acura]

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