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Jim Rodgers is an Old-School Man

This guy is nothing short of a legendary character.

Jim Rodgers is old school; old school in a “get your hands dirty and work 24/7 with a cigarette in your mouth and don’t complain” sort of way that will put hair on your chest. He made his riches in the oil industry doing things the old fashioned way with hard work and sticking to your word.

Rodgers is a character; a legend. Someone that is known for his devotion to his business and isn’t afraid of anything. His deep, tobacco-forged voice adds toughness to his overall character. He loves his women young, and his motors American. He’s not The Most Interesting Man in the World, he’s a more rugged version of the fictitious beer personality. He has dinosaurs in his backyard.

He’s a badass, and we have Lucid Inc. to thank for exposing his toughness to the world.

Source: Lucid Inc.

Jim Rodgers, the “Oil Man” is…


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