Just some Ferrari FXX K Having Fun at Spa Francorchamps

Ferrari FXX K Spa Francorchamps

No big deal or anything.

If you have $2.7 million hanging around, and are a hardcore Ferrari owner and enthusiast, the Ferrari FXX K is your perfect ride. Its hybrid powertrain shatters any pre-conceived ideas of performance with an electric kick in the pants as it just rips up the asphalt on the racetrack.

Ferrari FXX K Spa Francorchamps

Here, we see the Ferrari FXX K and friends in their natural habitat at the iconic Spa-Francorchamps track in Belgium as they make all sorts of eargasmic sounds from their high-revving V-12 engines.

It’s pure automotive poetry.

Source: Gumbal Youtube

Do you melt when you hear the sweet sounds of a Ferrari FXX K?


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