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Ken Block Wishes he could do ‘Gympkhana’!

Car Bros Gympkhana


Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos are incredible displays of driving skill, coordination, and planning that culminates in a beautiful film. These tire-shredding hoonigan highlights have been mimicked and attempted by others, but nobody has pulled off a parody quite like the guys at Car Bros with their new film, ‘Gympkhana: A #VIRAL CAR #ACTION VIDEO’.

Car Bros Gympkhana

Their parody video stars a “1987 Scion xB” and packs real racecar sounds from Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos. The video has it all from insane stunts to an RC Supra, GTA scenes, and even Taco Bell.

This is, without a doubt, the best Gymkhana parody video yet.

Source: Car Bros

Is this ‘Gympkhana’ video the best Gymkhana parody yet?


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