It’s All About The Kids…

Kid Car

As any car enthusiast knows, it is in the developing stages that a passion for the hobby is seared into the heart. Any true gearhead came out of diapers and into a seatbelt, from monkey bars to monkey wrenches, and I could go on and on.

Two lucky children have reminded us of the wonderment of those times with their exposure to the wonderful world of cars. Their joy has filled our hearts – and gone viral.
Lest we forget that a surprise birthday gift is always in order:



…and that the thrill of speed has no age:


The love of cars and the innocence of their youth almost draws tears from your eyes. Even more heart-wrenching is when that same child can make the childhood dreams come true for their parents:



This, ladies and gentlemen, is the car hobby; a passion to be shared from generation to generation. More than just a passing fancy, it is a family treasure chest full of memories and hugs, With Father’s Day approaching, I thought it would be good to help you remember why you got your kids involved in your passion and why you hold so tightly to the car lessons your father taught. Now put that tissue away and get out there and drive with the family. After all, it’s all about the kids, right?

What was your favorite heartwarming moment?


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