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This Kid Falling off a Bike to see a GT-R is what we all once were

Kid Falls Off Bike Seeing Nissan GT-R

A car enthusiast in the making.

Many have been saying that the number of people becoming car enthusiasts has been dropping for years. In fact less and less teenagers are getting driver’s licenses today, and that’s worrisome. That makes a few of us concerned that the younger generation won’t be able to carry on the automotive torch. But this kid falling off his bike at the sight of a Nissan GT-R gives us hope.

While riding his bike through a parking lot, this kid passes a drive through with a Nissan GT-R pulling out of a drive-thru. Upon seeing it, the kid looks back while riding and completely wipes out in awe of the super car in his presence.

Kid Falls Off Bike Seeing Nissan GT-R

Without a second thought, the kid gets up and asks if he can get a picture with his cell phone. Nevermind the fact that the kid just fell off his bike; he’s all about admiring the car.

After snapping the picture, the kid waves a thank you and pedals off, probably to go tell all of his friends what he just saw.

According to the driver, the kid yelled, “GTR!!! OMG” upon riding by just like all of us grown adults would in the same situation.

This gives us hope for a future generation of car enthusiasts.

Source: Heath Morder YouTube

Would you react the same way to seeing a Nissan GT-R as this kid?


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