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Ladoire Geneve Mr Race

If you only read about watches here on MotoringExposure, there’s little chance that you’ve heard about Ladoire Geneve.

Lionel Ladoire founded the watch brand from Geneva in 2007. Besides being a rock drummer and a professional snowboarder, Lionel is also member of a family of four generations of jewelers. After 20 years of working in the jewelry industry, he decided to start designing and developing sophisticated and exclusive mechanical timepieces together with his longtime friend, Richard Piras.

This year, Ladoire Geneve introduced a number of new timepieces for their Black Widow collection, the most popular of which, was undoubtedly the Mr Race edition.

The Ladoire Geneve Mr Race is the follow-up to the Mr Green watch, and is therefore the second limited edition timepiece (restricted to 12 pieces) from the aforementioned Black Widow collection.

MotoringExposure was in Basel and tried the Black Widow collection. Being big racecar fans, we immediately fell in love with Mr Race. The Ladoire Geneve Mr Race would complete our lives as passionate car enthusiasts and would follow us to every automotive event we attended. Mr Race has all the right ingredients to complement a super car such as a Porsche or Lamborghini.

The asymmetric case, the bezel, crown and GMT quickset corrector are all made out of titanium with a black A-DLC finish. The case measures 50.84mm from left-to-right and 41.77mm from 12 o’clock-to-6 o’clock. This is a watch that is not suitable for every wrist!

Sapphire crystals cover both sides of the Ladoire Geneve Mr Race and water-resistance is guaranteed to 50 meters.

However, there is more to Ladoire Geneve Mr Race than an impressive looking watch case and racing colors. The movement of this watch is designed in-house by Ladoire and goes by the name of Calvet/02. This automatic winding movement has a micro-rotor, which can be seen through the display back of the watch. It is a so-called “slow ticker” with 18,000 beats per hour, and has a power reserve of 52 hours.

The use of A-DLC is also noticeable in the finish of the Calvet/02 calibre. Furthermore, the W-shaped bridge has the same white color that is also used for the dial.

As for functionality, there is a fixed hours, minutes and seconds display via three silicium discs mounted on ceramic micro ball-bearings. The hour, minute, and second indications are displayed by cages mounted on 127 and 7 micro ball bearings, respectively. Mr Race also features a 12-hour GMT complication with quickset corrector at 2 o’clock.

Restricted to only 12 pieces, the Ladoire Geneve Mr Race timepiece will be sold out very quickly. The only thing that may hold potential buyers back is the price tag of approximately 65,000.- Swiss Francs (approx. 75,500 USD). This might also buy you a very nice sports car as well.

Ladoire Geneve Mr Race Gallery

Source: Ladoire Geneve

What car would you choose to drive while wearing your Mr Race? Leave a comment and let us know!


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