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Let’s go Flying in some Rally Cars! – Video

Five minutes of fun on the Stage 13 Jump.

Every year, rally racers participating in the Rally America National Championship gather in Salem, Missouri for the second race of the season. The race is named the “100 Acre Wood Rally” just like the fictional forest in Winnie the Pooh, and is regarded as being one of the most scenic venues for the racing series.

The 2013 100 Acre Rally ran from February 22nd to the 23rd and gave racers all they could handle in the form of slush, frozen mud, water, and all sorts of other dirty fun. One of the most popular parts of the race is on Stage 13 where racers travel over a small hill nicknamed the “Cattle Guard” jump. This is where cars go to fly and give photographers some spectacular airborne shots. Luckily, was able to capture just about all of the cars going over the Cattle Guard jump in a five-minute montage of airborne rally racers.

[Source: GotConeCom YouTube Channel]

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