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Lexon Exclusive Shows Off their Lexus LFA with Vossen Wheels

Lexon Exclusive Lexus LFA Vossen VFS2

Riding and Styling in Japan.

One of the most iconic Lexus vehicles ever made is easily the LFA. The exclusive supercar was painstakingly developed for almost a decade with in-depth research to create a true driver’s car and usher in a new era for the Japanese automaker. Only 500 were ever made, and very few were modified.

This Lexon Exclusive Lexus LFA is special being that it was one of the very few that was upgraded. The team installed one of their new in-house carbon fiber front lip spoilers to generate some extra downforce at the front axle. They also put a new set of Vossen VFS2 flow formed, silver-finished wheels on the supercar in a staggered 10.5 x 20 front and 12.0 x 20 rear setup.

It may not be a huge upgrade program that dramatically alters the overall character of the LFA, but when it’s something as rare and special as this 552-horsepower supercar, you don’t need much.


Source: Vossen Wheels

Do you like the look of the Lexus LFA with Lexon Exclusive spoiler lip and Vossen wheels?


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