Lexus gives us a Glimpse into the new RC F Coupe

Lexus RC F Coupe

Now with the most powerful V-8 from Lexus, ever.

At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus introduced their new RC Coupe that was created to inject more excitement and sport into their once dull and drab luxury lineup. The RC Coupe brought dynamic styling inspired by the LF-LC Concept and provided a brighter, more athletic peek into the upcoming model line. Now, Lexus is taking things a bit further with the new F-variant of the RC Coupe featuring the most powerful V-8 engine ever made by Lexus for a production vehicle.

Called the Lexus RC F Coupe, the new model takes the dynamic styling and design a step further from the standard model. All new carbon fiber, air scoops, active aerodynamics, and wider wheels paired with a driver-oriented cockpit easily make the RC F Coupe the most adrenaline-packed model from Lexus.

Lexus RC F Coupe

Up front, the big, hourglass-shaped spindle grille is proudly on display with a unique F-pattern on the lower portion creating the impression of speed and power. The Lexus RC F Coupe features air ducts beneath the front bumper and fenders that are used with the aerodynamic stabilizing fins to improve airflow and reduce lift at the front axle. Above the aggressive fascia sits a raised hood, hinting at the powerful V-8 engine hiding beneath.

As air moves towards the rear, it is channeled out of the L-shaped outlets that merge with the extended side sills. The RC F Coupe also features an LFA-inspired speed-sensitive active rear spoiler that deploys at approximately 50 mph and retracts when the speed drops to 25 mph. Protruding from the bumper is a set of four stacked, trapezoidal exhaust outlets that spit out a thundering V-8 rumble. With the RC F Coupe, customers will be able to choose from three variations of the 19-inch, 10-spoke wheels with one hand-polished and two machine-polished designs.

Lexus RC F Coupe

Inside, everything is geared towards providing a satisfying driving experience. New high-back seats sport an embossed F logo on the headrests and can be trimmed in five different types of leather with contrast stitching. Facing the driver is a new, Lexus-first elliptical cross-section thick-grip steering wheel with ergonomically positioned shit paddles for quick and easy gear changes. Behind the steering wheel is a new instrument panel with center display that changes with the four different driving modes. The RC F Coupe even allows drivers to change the text, color, and size of the display, just in case you forget your glasses. Drivers also benefit from new pedals with L-shaped rubber slits on the brake and throttle that improve grip.

The all-new Lexus RC F Coupe will make its global debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 14th at 8:45 AM (EST) with the press conference being streamed at

Lexus RC F Coupe Gallery

Source: Lexus

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