Lexus goes Daft Punk with the RC F GT 500

Lexus RC F GT 500

Lose yourself to Race.

The day after Daft Punk took home a few big Grammy awards, Lexus was unveiling their new RC F GT 500 racecar set to participate in the 2014 Super GT season, starting April 6th at the Okayama International Circuit in Japan.

The new Lexus RC F Coupe that the new racer is based on boasts the most powerful V-8 engine created by the Japanese automaker for use in a production car, ever. It’s expected that the new RC F Coupe will have over 450 horsepower and 383 lb-ft. of torque, which sounds like quite a bit of fun when it’s paired up with all of the sporty goodies in the F-model.

Instead of the traditional racecar debut, Lexus dressed up a pit crew in tuxedos with special black helmets, masks, chromed shades, and headphones for a unique Daft Punk theme that likely paid homage to the achievements of the French Robots the previous night.

The Lexus RC F GT 500 looks pretty sharp in its own right, with large diffuser, spoilers, vents, center-locking wheels, and special livery.

Hopefully they’ll Get Lucky this season in the 2014 Super GT Series.

Lexus RC F GT 500 Gallery

Source: Lexus Facebook

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