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Mahk is All About Dependability in the new ‘Real People’ Parody!

Zebra Corner Chevrolet Real People Not Actors Dependability Awards Parody

More fun at Chevy’s expense.

As long as Chevrolet keeps cranking out their ‘Real People. Not Actors.’ commercials, then “Mahk” of Zebra Corner is going to keep tearing them down with his Boston accent. The latest parody stars Mahk in the Chevrolet dependability commercial with a group of people sitting in the middle of the freeway.

Zebra Corner Chevrolet Real People Not Actors Dependability Awards Parody

Mahk not only adds in his usual comments about how blatantly stupid the makers of the commercial and the “real” people in it are, but he proceeds to completely pick apart their dependability awards. He exposes their boasting of their JD Power and Associates Dependability Award for their 2014 cars, which only measures dependability and reliability for various parts over the course of 12 months – a time where no problems should be occurring on a vehicle.

Mahk also points out the absurdly idiotic and obvious comments made by the “Real People” stating that they look for quality and reliability when car shopping. There most likely isn’t a huge line of people looking for cheap, unreliable cars out there, are there?

This is probably one of Mahk and Zebra Corner’s best parody videos due to their work with stating the obvious and driving that point home.

Keep up the good work, guys.

Source: Zebra Corner

How stupid did Mahk and Zebra Corner make this Chevrolet “Real People. Not Actors.” commercial look?


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