Make your Dreams Come True and Get Behind the Wheel of an FXX K!

Ferrari FXX K Road Atlanta

Time to race around Road Atlanta!

Sorry. Unfortunately, we can’t physically put you behind the wheel of a Ferrari FXX K today, but we have the next closest thing, we promise! Pro Photographer and YouTube partner, Speedracer38, has put us right in the cockpit for some fast laps at Road Atlanta during the Ferrari Corse Clienti event.

Ferrari FXX K Road Atlanta

The Ferrari FXX K is all you could ever ask for in a track-only super car. There’s 1,036 horsepower on tap, 1,190 lbs. of downforce at 124 mph, and all the motorsport-spec technology and hardware that you could ever ask for at your disposal. These cars might not be the easiest to drive, but they are some of the fastest at the hands of a skilled driver, and that’s exactly what’s being served up today.

So, sit back, buckle your six-point harness, and turn up the volume, because this is going to be a fun ride.

Source: Speedracer38 YouTube

What track would you like to see a Ferrari FXX K take on POV-style?


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