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Man looks to Make Big Name for Himself on DRIVETRIBE once his Tribe goes Public

Toms DriveTribe Exposed Motoring

From zero to automotive internet hero.

Tom Timmons doesn’t have a huge following on Facebook. In fact, he’s considerably below the National Friend Average according to the Institute of Social Metrics in Kalamazoo, MI. But that hasn’t deterred this area man from striving to make a name for himself on the new DRIVETRIBE automotive social media website.

“I’ve religiously watched ‘Top Gear’ and just started ‘The Grand Tour’ after saving up for Amazon Prime,” said Timmons in the basement of the house that he shares with his mother. “I feel like I personally know Jeremy [Clarkson], James [May], and Richard [Hammond] after all these years, so when they launched the DRIVETRIBE automotive social media website, I figured it’d be a great place for me to make a name for myself and get to know the guys on a whole new level.”

Toms DriveTribe Exposed Motoring

In a world where being known on social media opens doors to fantastic new opportunities, DRIVETRIBE is the perfect platform for those wanting to rise to the top of the automotive world. The website allows users to sign up using their Facebook account and create “Tribes” based on a certain topic that the owner decides from ‘Hot PT Cruisers’ to ‘RIP Paul Walker You Changed My Life Forever and Now I Want to Drive a JDM Skyline GT-R with Parts Overnighted from Japan’.

But there’s one catch – users must have 10 members in their Tribe before it goes public, something that Timmons has struggled to accomplish.

“I feel like once I get over this hump, people are going to know me. I’m going to be a force in the online automotive world and get some face time with the [Top Gear] guys,” said Timmons. “None of my 34 Facebook friends have signed up yet, but I’ve been heavily lobbying my Mom and two Aunts to make an account to get my numbers up. I’ve already had one follower on there named “Sophie’s Camz” who was pretty hot, so I feel confident that I’ll be taken seriously on there soon. I clicked on her website and we’ve already had some pretty intimate webcam interactions. We may even start a relationship in the future.”

Will you take over the automotive world with your DRIVETRIBE?

This is another one of our ‘Exposed Motoring’ satirical news features. If you actually believe these stories are real then we either did a really good job of putting it together or you’re dumb as a rock. We’re going with the latter.


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