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Images Leaked of Donald Trump Leaning on Cars at Exotic Car Show in 2006 – MotoringExposed


Donald Trump Sitting on a Ferrari Enzo - MotoringExposed

Another blow to the Trump campaign.

The Donald Trump campaign is again dealing with another controversy after images were obtained by MotoringExposed of him leaning on exotic cars from a 2006 charity event. The newly-obtained images come shorty after Trump was captured on video bragging about kissing, groping, and attempting to have sex with women with Billy Bush, then of “Access Hollywood.”

While many Republican leaders denounced the video and called for Trump to step down, his heartfelt apology video and sincere praise for women during the second debate easily squashed all doubts among his critics.

Donald Trump Leaning on Porsche Carrera GT - MotoringExposed

The newly-leaked images of the Republican presidential candidate leaning on cars, however, is another blow that will likely be difficult to overcome. With automotive enthusiasts making up a large portion of the voting population, the disrespect for exotic vehicles is expected to hurt his numbers at the polls.

The images show a younger Trump proudly sitting atop a rare Ferrari Enzo, leaning on and over the engine of a Porsche Carrera GT while smoking a cigar, and rubbing the hood of a Ford GT, despite numerous ‘No Touching’ signs put up by the show organizers.

Blake Stevens, a long-time Trump supporter and owner of a Dinan-upgraded 2009 BMW M5 expressed his frustration with the new images.

“The video of him talking about women was not a big deal at all. I’ve said much worse to my co-workers around the water cooler and I adamantly showed my support for him by putting up electro-shock ‘Trump/Pence’ signs in my yard,” said Stevens. “These new pictures of him getting his stubby fingers all over that Carrera GT, Ford GT, and Enzo just disgusts me. I don’t know what those fingers touched or who they were in before he did that; you just don’t do that to a super car like that.”

Donald Trump Leaning on Ford GT - MotoringExposed

While Trump has yet to issue an apology for his actions during the car show charity event to benefit children that suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it appears as though his Vice Presidential running mate, Mike Pence, is close to leaving the ticket after these past incidents have been brought to light.

The Trump campaign has not responded to questions from MotoringExposed nor have they issued an apology.

Are you disappointed in the newly-released images of Donald Trump leaning on exotics at a charity car show?

This is another one of our ‘Exposed Motoring’ satirical news features. If you actually believe these stories are real then we either did a really good job of putting it together or you’re dumb as a rock. We’re going with the latter.


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