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Time for some ‘Sh*t Import Owners Say’!

Muscle Vs Tuner Shit Import Owners Say

Muscle vs Tuner is back!

There are many different communities in the automotive world and the Import scene serves up an overnighted tastes from Japan. Here, JDM trumps all and sometimes it can get a bit ridiculous.

YouTube enthusiast parody extraordinaire, Muscle Vs Tuner, showed why people can mock the Import scene in the new video ‘Sh*t Import Owners Say’.

Muscle Vs Tuner Shit Import Owners Say

Here, he details his Skyline that’s registered as a Nissan 240SX because of the US’s strict import laws. It produces a ton of JDMs and runs of Japanese air. Special three-piece authentic Japanese wheels with bolts overnighted from Japan on eBay make it a show-stopping, drift superstar.

Of course, the RHD sports sedan rolls around Hellaflush because that’s the way to get all those Import girls.

Source: Muscle Vs Tuner YouTube

How spot-on was this ‘Sh*t Import Owners Say’ video?


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