The Exclusive Interview with Shawn Chartier of Custom Offsets

Shawn Chartier Custom Offsets

It takes a lot of ambition, drive, and dedication and creativity to successfully run your own business. Shawn Chartier, Founder of Custom Offsets has all those qualities and it has resulted in an empire of wheel and tire fitments from around the globe that’s rapidly rising in popularity.

What makes Custom Offsets unlike anything else on the internet is their dedication to offering free fitment information and allowing users to show off their vehicle’s specifications for the benefit of others. Custom Offsets might only be three years old, but it has enjoyed huge success online thanks to their array of user-submitted fitment data.

Custom Offsets Interview

Offering up one of the largest aftermarket fitment galleries in the world is only part of the appeal. Custom Offsets also allows users to purchase many of the wheel and tire fitments they see through their online store, helping their dreams become reality.

Thanks to the success, Chartier has been able to quit his corporate job and hire friends and family to take the company to the next level. His work with Custom Offsets also gave him the opportunity to own dream cars and transform them to meet his vision. However, the newly-completed vehicles usually find themselves sold for the next big project whether it’s a car, truck, SUV, or even motorcycle. Customizing addictions are real, folks!

Instead of the traditional by-the-book question-and-answer session, Chartier served up some answers in an in-depth video to give us an inside look at his journey, the future of Custom Offsets, and his passion for the world of customized vehicles!


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We’d like to thank Shawn Chartier for taking the time to not just answer our questions about his journey and Custom Offsets!


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