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This Lamborghini Aventador Owner isn’t very Lucky

Unlucky Lamborghini Owner

Two incidents within days of each other.

To most enthusiasts, your car is your pride and joy. It’s something that you take care of, are proud to show off, and have an often unhealthy love for. So, when something happens that damages your car whether it’s a minor scratch or noticeable dent, it’s a big thing.

This Lamborghini Aventador owner had not one but two unfortunate accidents happen to his DMC Exotic Car Tuning modified super car in four days.

Unlucky Lamborghini Owner

The first accident happened on camera when a valet was working to park the Aventador. The valet thought that they had the car in reverse gear, but it was still in first. So, when the throttle was pushed, it went forward, straight into the curb. The carbon fiber front splitter was subsequently cracked and scratched.

Four days later, the Lamborghini was parked at a different hotel. A biker thought that it would be safe to park their bike right next to the super car. Unfortunately, the bike fell over and onto the front bumper, cracking that as well to top it all off.

Talk about bad luck…

Source: Supercars on the streets YouTube

How mad would you be if your car got damaged twice in four days?


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