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The Milton Motors 79 Coupe by Lugnegård Design

Milton Motors 79 Coupe

A modern hot rod.

There’s something special about a chopped up, vintage American car, stuffed with a small-block V-8 engine. But when you take a classic car and sprinkle in some modern technology while keeping that vintage feel, it becomes quite a special machine.

That’s exactly what Mikael Lugnegård, Concept Designer and Owner of Lugnegård Design, was able to accomplish with his latest project, the Milton Motors 79 Coupe. The new project was a result of an idea that simply needed to be created, representing many of Lugnegård’s passions including racing, photography, and inspiring imagery.

Milton Motors 79 Coupe


Lugnegård’s own middle name was used for the fictional automaker, giving the Milton Motors 79 Coupe a personal touch from the concept designer. The car is based on a chopped, channeled, and sectioned Ford Model A with a carbon fiber body, and features all sorts of modern motorsports technology yet still retains that vintage feel.

A Chevrolet small-block V-8 engine with Edelbrock Victory Series intake manifold and valve covers, and Milton Motors fuel system, powers the rear wheels with a classic American sound. Special 6×2 Stromberg 97´ carburetors sit menacingly atop the engine while Milton Motors custom headers and heat shields protrude from the engine and end along the front fenders.

A complete carbon fiber, race-grade interior is featured to help keep weight to a minimum and also utilizes a roll cage for safety. In terms of the chassis, the Milton Motors 79 Coupe takes advantage of a drilled and dropped forged I-beam front axle and classic drum brakes.

Milton Motors 79 Coupe

The Milton Motors 79 Coupe by Lugnegård Design is an example of a classic design with modern technology created from a single idea and a burning passion. For more information on the concept car design and Mikael Lugnegård, visit the Lugnegård Design website.

Lugnegård Design Milton Motors 79 Coupe Specifications

– Engine: Chevy small-block V8
– Edelbrock Victor Series Intake Manifold
– Edelbrock Vale Covers
– 6×2 Stromberg 97´s carburetors
– Milton Motors Custom Headers & heat shields
– Milton Motors Fuel system (blocks & rails)

-Ford Model A body, chopped, sectioned, and channeled
-Carbon fiber body

– Forged I-beam front axle, drilled and dropped
– Drum brakes

– Race grade interior
– Race cage
– Complete Carbon fiber interior

Digital Info:
Built in Autodesk Maya & Luxology Modo
Rendered in Luxion Keyshot
Postproduction in Photoshop

Lugnegård Design Milton Motors 79 Coupe Gallery

[Source: Mikael Lugnegård of Lugnegård Design]

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