The new BMW M9 Roadster Design Concept by Razvan Radion


A new take on the future of BMW design.

The latest generation of BMW models has been rolling out and onto dealerships as of late, and has proved to be quite popular amongst BMW and automotive buyers. But, what will the future hold for the entire range of models from the German automaker? Razvan Radion, the Graphic Designer that has taken a liking to automotive design, has created what he thinks the next-generation of BMW models could look like as the current design principles evolve.


Called the BMW M9 Roadster, the new design concept is the drop-top version of the M9 Coupe that Radion had previously created. The shape of the car is sleek and incorporates the dynamic features of the upcoming models such as the i8 to create a sporty, athletic, and modern appearance. Contours run across the hood and provide a muscular definition, while many aspects such as the lighting wear a slim shape to emphasize speed and power to create a stunning road presence.


Instead of just simply chopping off the top of the previously-designed M9 Coupe, Radion chose to take a new approach to the shape of the body, by borrowing many aspects and design cues from current BMW models. The new BMW M9 Roadster also incorporates many features and classic proportions from grand touring models such as the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.


The BMW M9 Roadster design concept by Razvan Radion will most likely never see production, but it is a good take on what we can expect as the BMW designs evolve towards the future.

BMW M9 Pictures

[Source: Razvan Radion]


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