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Friday FAIL: Let’s Rage, Bro


Audi vs. Lada!

One thing that we’ll be thankful for during this year’s Thanksgiving is dashboard cameras, specifically Russian dash cams. Before these started being installed in all sorts of Eastern European and Russian vehicles, we had only heard about some of these unbelievable stories of road rage and wacky events from this part of the world.

And now a battle between a new Audi A7 and a Lada has us screaming “Let’s Rage, Bro!”

In Russia (or some area of Eastern Europe we assume), two drivers engaged in a battle for a single spot in traffic behind a truck. The driver of the Lada would not let the Audi A7 into his lane or in front of him, which clearly enraged the Audi A7 driver. The Audi driver was persistent and neither driver would just move into the large amount of open space behind the truck.

This led the Audi driver to pull over and get out of his car, hoping that the Lada driver would do the same. But, the Lada driver didn’t get out and just puttered away, holding onto that spot behind the truck. Well, the Audi driver was not going to let the Lada get away with that and sped past and cut to the front of the line.

Keep those dash cams rolling, folks!

[Source: Medvedka1977 YouTube Channel]

What would you do in this situation if you were driving the Lada? Leave a comment and let us know!


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