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This Mitsubishi Dealer Rap is the Greatest Bad thing EVER


A yes, yes y’all and you don’t stop.

Car dealership commercials can be some of the worst, most annoying things aired on television. This music video for Southside Mitsubishi in Edmonton, AB, is quite possibly the greatest worst commercial you’ve ever seen.

One of the main goals of marketing is to grab the attention of consumers and this Southside Mitsubishi rap video has done just that, perfectly. Michael Scott’s attempt at becoming a rap star in Dunder Mifflin’s ‘Scranton – The Electric City’ in The Office blazed a brutally bad trail for the staff at Southside Mitsubishi who created an awesomely awful dealership rap video.

It may be really bad, but we give the team at Southside Mitsubishi tons of street cred for coming up with a creative way to reach possible customers. We can’t wait until the full album dops.

We Rep The Southside Credits:
Creative Director: R.J. Cui
Composed by: Fred Brenton
Music video director: Simon Morgan
Director of Photography: David Baron
Featuring: Nelson Berry

Source: Southside Mitsubishi

Is this the greatest or the worst dealership video ever?


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