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MOPAR gives the SRT Viper more Bite at SEMA

MOPAR SRT Viper Accessories

50 new accessories for the snake.

The new SRT Viper models are just about to begin production at the start of December and MOPAR has unveiled a range of 50 accessories and upgrades for the new super cars in order to get future owners to check that option box. The parts brand is now offering a variety of interior, exterior, and engine performance upgrades that give the SRT Viper a unique flavor and are designed for both street and track use.

“By itself, our all-new SRT Viper stands out from the crowd,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “For those owners who want to take the next step in customization and personalization, Mopar stands ready with more than 50 quality-tested performance parts and accessories.”

MOPAR SRT Viper Carbon Fiber Strut Brace

The monstrous 8.4-liter V-10 engine with 640 horsepower and 600 lb-ft. of torque benefits from a range of exhausts and a special cross-brace. Customers have the option to check the box for a performance cat-back stainless steel exhaust with two mufflers, four 2.5-inch clamps, and mandrel-bent pipes that provides horsepower and torque increases for $668. For even more output, a racing exhaust system with a backpressure equal to that of a straight-pipe system and lower weight can be installed for $1,005 along with an optional set of performance headers featuring a “J-Pipe” with 1.75-inch tube diameter and 5-in-1 collector for $3,495. A special carbon fiber performance cross car X-Brace handmade by Chrysler features three layers of interwoven carbon fiber and is lighter than the aluminum brace it replaces.

MOPAR SRT Viper Stage 3 Coilovers

In terms of the chassis, MOPAR has developed new accessories that ensure the SRT Viper is more of a sharp-edged sword through the corners instead of a blunt object. A set of Carbon Fiber Coilovers that are constructed using stamped stainless steel covered in layers of carbon fiber help to provide a nice visual upgrade and offer balanced handling for $880. But if it’s a truly dynamic ride that you desire, check the box for the Stage 3 Coilover Suspension Kit with lightweight aluminum construction and three-way adjustable compression, rebound, and height for $5,995. New Brake Rotors are also offered to counter the incredible acceleration of the SRT Viper and is available for $1,445 for the front and rear, separately. The rotors are lightweight, two-piece slotted StopTech units that can be fitted with the factory Brembo calipers and feature a unique curved-fin design to improve cooling and reduce fade while also reducing rotating mass by 60 pounds with corresponding tires and wheels.

MOPAR SRT Viper Brake Rotors

But it’s not just about performance; the SRT Vipers can be outfitted with a range of interior convenience and comfort accessories from MOPAR. An industry-first wireless charging pad ($275), polished chrome door sill guards with the Viper logo ($205), and a sand-blasted aluminum pedal set with Viper logos and Stryker-engraved footrest pedal ($255) add an individual touch. A special carbon fiber bulkhead satchel with quick-release camera mount helps drivers record their track performances while billet aluminum ($163) or black leather ($158) gear shifters offers a greater feel and engagement. A special range of Katzkin Leather interiors with custom leather seats in four designs and a variety of colors, trims, piping and embroidery can be fitted to suit customer’s tastes. In terms of safety, a Six-Point Safety Harness protects drivers and holds them in the proper position can be installed.

MOPAR SRT Viper Door Sills

MOPAR will also be offering a range of SATIN STRETCH indoor car covers with Lyrca fibers and fleece inner-lining to caress the figure of the SRT Viper for $352 in Black with Silver stripes, Red with White Stripes, and Blue with White stripes.

The entire range of MOPAR accessories will be available to order with the new SRT Viper model lineup. All of the MOPAR accessories including pricing will be available on

MOPAR SRT Viper Pedal Kit

[Source: SRT/Chrysler]

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