MotoringExposure Weekly Recap 10-27 – The Halloween Edition!!!!!

Can’t access the internet from the grave? Had a ghoulish day? Here’s a recap of the spooky cars, ghastly videos, and haunted car culture accessories that you may have missed this week!

“Trick or treat!” That’s what a great portion of us will be hearing or maybe even saying on Wednesday as we dress up in scary costumes with all sorts of fake blood, makeup, and/or masks. Or, you might be like the hundreds of other people going as PSY, the South Korean rapper. Just make sure you have an umbrella for the occasion on the eastern coast of the US as Frankenstorm is approaching.

All of us at MotoringExposure hope that you have a safe and fun Halloween!

Car Tuning

A Kahn Design introduces the new RS300 Cosworth – A British Powerhouse.

speedART shows off their new SP81-R Boxster 981 Program – A mean, green, drop-top machine.

Wimmer RST unveils their 1,000 HP+ 911 GT2 RS Tuning Program – The rear-wheel drive rocket ship.

Sports Cars

Porsche shows off its Panamera and Panamera 4 Platinum Edition – Where all that special stuff comes standard.

Hey! There’s a Lexus IS in your Pool! – How do you explain that one?

The Milton Motors 79 Coupe by Lugnegård Design – A modern hot rod.

Car Video

Your Monday Rally Footage with Petter Solberg and his Fiesta RS WRC – Rally Time!

The Twin-Turbo Viper vs the Twin-Turbo Gallardo – Two twin-turbo V-10s slug it out.

The first Chevrolet Corvette C7 Teaser – A new pair of crossed flags.

Watch a Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari F430 play around on a closed course – 24 cylinders of fury.

Motoring Lifestyle

The RevoZport GT5 Carbon Racing Console is the Ultimate Virtual Performer – Bringing the racetrack to your living room.

Friday FAIL

Friday FAIL: Let’s Rage, BroAudi vs. Lada!

What article was your favorite spooky story the past week? Leave a comment and let us know!


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