MotoringExposure Weekly Recap 3-30-13

Can’t access the internet at work? Had a busy day? Here’s a recap of the exciting cars, videos, and car culture accessories that you may have missed this week!

It’s been a busy week in the automotive world with lots of drama erupting in racing this past weekend and the New York International Auto Show. All sorts of new car tuning packages for sports cars and super cars were introduced and we unfortunately witnessed the news of a legendary classic rolling over thanks to a dumb mechanic. Must be that spring fever in the air.

Car News

DMC Gets Aggressive with the Bentley Continental GT DURO – Making good automobiles better.

TIME FLIES, BUT BY WHAT PROPULSION? – Super cars of the modern era and how they go so fast.

FORGET-ME-NOTS: 13 Cars You May Have Forgotten About – See a list of 13 cars you may have never heard of that are some gems of the automotive world.

Manhart Racing Gets Crazy with the F06/F12/F13 BMW M6 Lineup – More power and style for the Ms.

The new DMC Ferrari F12Berlinetta SIPA Gets Crazy – Making you forget about the LaFerrari and its awful name.

The new BMW M5 Goes on a Mission with Hamann – This M5 goes fast standing still.

Leib Engineering has some Fun with the E92 BMW M3 – The M3 GT 500 is here for a good time.

Racing’s Puppetmasters and Pricks – The latest on the drama in Formula One and NASCAR and how it’s affecting racing.

The Mansory Gronos Looks to Conquer All Terrain – Leading the eight titans of power.

Car Videos

Auto GP Formula Cars and Their Exhaust Notes to Brighten your Monday – Screaming engines await you.

Let’s go Behind the Scenes and Hear the Ferrari LaFerrari – The making of a beauty.

The Custom Liberty Walk Ferrari F40 is just NUTS – One of 1,315.

Spitting Flames in a Twin-Turbo Murciélago – Oh the insanity.

Listen to the Lamborghini as it Leaves Geneva – Shutting the party down.

Friday FAIL

Friday FAIL: Where your 300SL Gullwing goes for a Roll – That’ll buff right out.

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