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The MTM A1 Quattro Group B is a Rally Monster!

MTM A1 Quattro Group B

Throwin’ it back to the good ol’ days.

In the 1980s, FIA’s Group B specification led to some of the most insane and outrageously extreme high-performance rally cars. It was known as the Golden Age of Rally but was disestablished after Henri Toivonen and co-driver Sergio Cresto passed away behind the wheel of the 1986 Tour de Corse, along with numerous other deaths.

MTM A1 Quattro Group B

Group B saw some of the most advanced vehicles of their time and led to a great deal of innovations from automakers. The cars that competed under Group B are the stuff of legend, and their drivers forever idolized as masters of racing.

Roland Mayer, the head of MTM – Motoren Technik Mayer, was an engineer at Audi in his mid-20s during the Ur-quattro’s domination. His experience and desire for pushing the limits has led to the development of the upcoming MTM A1 Quattro Group B.

MTM A1 Quattro Group B

The new MTM A1 Quattro Group B is currently in development and is based on an Audi S1 packed with a whopping 427 metric horsepower, although the final customer version may be closer to 450 metric horsepower.

“I could manufacture a small production batch if I could find ten enthusiasts who were prepared to pay around €120,000,” said Mayer, “and there would be full certification for road use as an added incentive.”

MTM A1 Quattro Group B

The S1 will be modified according to Group B regulations and include a styling package designed by Roland Hall from South Carolina with aggressive body work. Everything from the ground-up will be modified to Group B specs and designed for maximum performance with style following suit.

The possibilities only get even more exciting from there. Versions with the 2.5-liter, turbocharged inline-five with/without a motorsport sequential gearbox could also be available as the project progresses. “As ever, this would be new milestone for the MTM marque, rather like dotting the ‘I’, in the 25 years of our illustrious history,” said Mayer.

MTM A1 Quattro Group B

The new MTM A1 Quattro Group B is currently in development. The official pricing, specifications, and availability will be made public at a later date. For now, we are just left to admire the dream prior to its fruition and recall the days of the Group B legends.

MTM A1 Quattro Group B Render Gallery

Source: MTM – Motoren Technik Mayer

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