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The New Aston Martin Lagonda….No Comment!

Aston Martin Lagonda

Since the new Aston Lagonda is slated exclusively for the Middle East, I will not use space here going on about it. I will also not go on chattering about its svelte shape, which is reminiscent of the 1970’s era Lagonda. I will certainly not bore you by reminding you that the 70’s Lagonda was one of my all-time favorite designs.

While I am refusing to discuss the car, Aston Martin remains tight-lipped as well about the Lagonda’s technical details. I flat refuse to assume that the car will be powered by the 650 bhp (and 457 lb-ft. of torque) 6.0-liter V12 engine that is already serving active duty in the range. I also refuse to imagine that the 7.3-liter V12 found in the One-77 would be even more exciting if it were shoved into the engine bay. As titillating as it might be to discuss, I fold my arms in protest.

Aston Martin Lagonda

I also will not add to any hoopla about this car by saying how annoying it is that the Middle East will exclusively be getting the new Aston Martin Lagonda.

Be sure to stay with us for more information on the Lagonda that I will not waste my time sharing.

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