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Nissan 370Z GT Edition Exposed

A tribute to 40 years of Z and Nissan’s racing heritage in the UK.

Forty years ago Datsun introduced their first Z car in the UK. The Datsun Z cars were special because they provided strong competition to some of the established European sports cars of the day. The Datsun Zs also saw great success in racing and still do today as they carry the Nissan nameplate. To celebrate the rich history of the Z cars in the UK and their success in racing, Nissan has introduced the 370Z “GT Edition.”

The new Nissan 370Z GT Edition incorporates styling from the first Datsun Z cars that made a name for themselves. Three special colors are offered: Peal white, Kuro (metallic) black, and the GT Edition exclusive Black Rose. All three colors can be ordered with special grey “GT” stripes that run along each side of the 370Z, paying homage to the Datsun Z cars. The package is completed with a set of 19-inch dark anthracite RAYS forged alloy wheels.

“The 370Z is an iconic sports car and the GT Edition underlines its appeal to enthusiasts everywhere,” said Pierre Loing, Vice President Product Planning, Nissan International SA. “The combination of outstanding performance and the dramatic looks of this very special 370Z more than lives up to the heritage of its illustrious forebear while its strong links to the race track shows its true pedigree.”

As a nod to the GT racing success around the world with the Z cars, Nissan has added a few refinements to the 370Z GT Edition. The most noticeable aspect is the chassis changes. Nissan technicians and engineers from the Nissan Technical Center Europe (NTCE) have retuned the dampers to provide a sportier driving experience without sacrificing comfort.

In addition to the sportier chassis, Nissan has also added a few equipment changes. 370Z GT Edition cars equipped with the Premium Connect package will now feature a satellite navigation system, rear-view parking, and a tire pressure monitoring system. For all of the adventurous owners out there, a new snow mode has also been added to the seven-speed automatic transmission, which starts the car in second gear to prevent wheel spin in snow and ice. One of the biggest complaints with the 370Z has been the road noise. To remedy this, the new models have revised underbody insulation for a quieter ride.

The Nissan 370Z GT Edition is currently available in the UK from participating dealerships. Deliveries are scheduled for June 1st, 2011. Pricing starts at £35,000.

Nissan 370Z GT Edition Specifications

Displacement: 3.7 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-6
Maximum Horsepower: 332 at 7,000 RPM
Maximum Torque: 270 lb-ft at 5,200 RPM

Type: Six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic
Drive: Rear-wheel

Exterior Features:
– Peal white, Kuro (metallic) black, or Black Rose (GT Edition exclusive) colors
-Grey side stripes
-19-inch RAYS forged alloy wheels in dark anthracite

Chassis and Equipment:
-Retuned chassis and dampers
-Rear-view parking, satellite navigation, and tire pressure monitoring with Premium Connect Package
-“Snow Mode” with automatic transmission
-New underbody insulation

Nissan 370Z GT Edition Gallery

[Source: Nissan]

Is the Nissan 370Z GT Edition a proper tribute to the old Datsun Z cars and their GT racing success? Leave a comment and let us know!


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