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Watch this Idiot Try to Show Off and Crash their Skyline!

Skyline Drift Crash

Potato-quality filming.

Watching people try to show off and crash their cars while being reckless is pretty satisfying – when nobody gets hurt, of course. This video shows just that in incredible 4K-potato-quality high-definition video with one of the best narrators, ever.

Of course, that’s complete sarcasm, but the actual crash is not. One of the most annoying camera operators with their low-quality-definition video caught this Nissan Skyline revving and drifting in front of a crowd in a busy intersection.

Skyline Drift Crash

We’re not entirely sure where this took place or if it was part of some kind of car show, but it’s a facepalm-worthy crash nonetheless. The driver of the Skyline revs up and then puts the pedal to the metal, going into a full spin with lots of tire smoke. The only problem was that the stunt caused the car to spin with reverse momentum, and due to the lack of traction with the spinning rear wheels, resulted in the car hitting the metal pole behind it.

This, caused the camera operator to erupt in an annoying, ear-piercing ‘gotcha’ rant to everyone watching the then-live video and all of the other spectators that saw it happen right in front of their own eyes. Because getting that type of video instantly makes you cool, you know.

Anyways, the Skyline driver was forced to drive away in shame with a smashed rear bumper for all of the spectators and the internets to see.

Source: ozam YouTube

How embarrassed would you be if you crashed your car while trying to show off like this?


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