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Time for a Toronto Reaction Challenge between a GT-R and McLaren 650S!

McLaren 650S Spider vs Nissan GT-R Reaction Challenge

The fun of a super car cruise.

Taking your super car out for a drive through town can be a fun and memorable experience not just because of the athletic vehicle that you’re driving, but the people around you. The reactions of others oftentimes makes for quite the fun and exciting drive.

McLaren 650S Spider vs Nissan GT-R Reaction Challenge

So, the.leviathan teamed up with his Nissan GT-R-owning friend for a bit of a competition in Toronto to see who would get the most reactions. The McLaren 650S Spider is relatively understated for an exotic while the modified Nissan GT-R with its vibrant wrap and massive rear spoiler is a bit more of a head-turner.

The drive generated some of the usual reactions such as people staring, taking pictures, and even a kid jumping up and down, asking his mother for a picture. Some asked if it was a Lamborghini while others said the Nissan GT-R was a Maserati.

There was even the stereotypical McLaren electronic issue with the.leviathan’s airbrake not working. Thankfully, it was fixed by starting and then re-starting the 650S Spider a few times.

Source: the.leviathan

What was your favorite reaction between the Nissan GT-R and McLaren 650S Spider in Toronto?


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