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Novitec Rosso Shows off their Ferrari California T on Video

Novitec Rosso Ferrari California T

Getting’ ready for summer!

Summer is right around the corner and the team at Novitec Rosso is ready to take on the sun with their new Ferrari California T upgrade program.

The upgrades have all the good stuff that you’ll ever need to drive down to the beach or on the back country roads with the top down. The 3.9-liter has been pushed to 646 horsepower, a set of lightweight forged wheels grip the road, and carbon fiber aerodynamics slice through air.

Novitec Rosso Ferrari California T

That’s all backed up by a beautiful Italian V-8 soundtrack filling the cabin with all sorts of provocative music.

Up until now, we’ve only been able to admire the car in photos and text. Now, we get to see it in action with Novitec Rosso’s latest film.

Source: Novitec Rosso

Would you want the Novitec Rosso Ferrari California T as your summer car?


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